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Window Replacement Estimate

Finding a local window replacement estimate is a great option for understanding the scope and basic price range of your window replacement project. The reason for this is that every project has unique specifics and challenges that influence the bid price. We always recommend getting at least 3 window replacement estimates in order to see how different companies or contractors price out the project.

Basics Of A Window Replacement Estimate

Window contractors are free to estimate costs well above the competitive price to see if homeowners will "bite" on the inflated price tag. Homeowners are often amazed at the different costs from one window replacement estimate to the other. This is why collecting several bids, taking your time, comparing them side by side and then making an educated decision for your project is the best approach.

Steps Involved

Here is what happens when a window company comes out to give you a bid. They will measure all of the window openings you want replaced and jot down the measurements. They will also look at the sills and frames to see if they require any repair work to insure that the openings are structurally secure and will not allow any water or moisture behind the window (If water does get into your walls, this can be a very costly and potentially hazardous situation due to mold exposure etc.).

The contractor or company will usually bring out samples of the different brands and window models they work with to let you see, touch and feel the windows. They will offer their opinion of the best style and frame material for your home. Then will then typically write up their estimate based on the size, style, frame and brand of window for each opening. (Ask them to break down the estimate by window and installation so you see what you are spending for the install on each opening.)

Get Multiple Bids

We suggest the consumers always get three or four window replacement estimates in order to ensure that you were getting a fair market price. Never get one bid and sign a contract then and there, without first at least comparing it to one other bids.

Getting 3 to 4 replacement window quotes will show you what the range of prices are for the varying window materials, such as vinyl or fiberglass, and the difference in the cost of each particular brand, for instance Anderson, Marvin, Milgard or a lower end brand like Silverline.

Use Online Forums

If you don't like the price point on one or two of the bids, you can simply throw them out. One suggestion that we always make is for consumers to take their bids and go to one of the online replacement window forums and ask the professionals and editors if they think that the bids provided are within the acceptable price range. Sometimes, the contractors will tell consumers that they don't like any of the window brands and models that they selected and suggest that they go back to the drawing board and get more bids. Most of the contractors can make some very good suggestions as to what brands will be available in the state and ZIP Code in which you live.

Once these forum experts give you the thumbs up that one or more of your bids are within the acceptable price range, then you can go back to the window companies that provided the bids and see if you can negotiate a slightly better price.

Negotiate For The Best Price

One suggestion we have for getting a better per window price is to select the window company that you most like, but tell them that although you want to contract them out for the job, they are just a bit outside of your budget. Ask them what they can do or how they can work with you to get the per window cost down. Many times, this is where the additional bids come in handy because you can show them the per window cost from a company that you don't necessarily like as much, but that is cheaper in price. Often, window companies will match or come close to a competitor's bed in order to get the project. Use these steps and techniques for window replacement estimates to insure quality bids and the low prices.

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